Survey Research in 2012: The Top Tech Developments of 2011

SurveyPost researchers Adam Sage and Elizabeth Dean recently took an informal poll of fellow SurveyPost researchers and asked them to pick their top five technology-related news events, articles, or reports that will affect the survey research community in 2012. This week we will reveal our top five picks each day. We encourage you to comment on our selections  or provide selections of your own!

#5 The Mobile Tipping Point

In December 2011, Leonard Murphy argued that 2011 was the mobile tipping point. Mobile is rapidly becoming as ubiquitous as the Internet itself. It’s safe to say that mobile phones are no longer solely communication devices, but rather the center of our digital lives. Mobile phone functions, particularly apps, have created devices that allow individuals to improve their daily lives beyond communicating with their social circles. Since app stores were introduced by Apple and Google in 2008, over one million apps have been created, which not only suggests we can use mobile phones in a million different ways, but that we are creating data – big data.

Murphy points out that while smartphone adoption is only seen among a portion of mobile users, it is increasingly becoming the preferred option, as other communication methods (e.g. landline phones and in-home Internet access) are seen as a luxury. Smartphone adoption is also a clear trend among younger generations. It’s uncertain what this means for our current sampling and data collection methods, but it’s very clear the future of these methods will see a growing influence by mobile technologies.

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